The history

Trattoria Lo Spuntino is a small family-run restaurant in the historic centre of Castel Gandolfo, just a little below the central square...


The specialities

Coratella and trippa are our strong dishes, genuine flavours as at one time; but there are also special dishes such as pasta dishes with game sauce or with porcino mushrooms...


Photo gallery

Look at our Photo Gallery: our "virtual tour" will guide you discovering of "Lo Spuntino" and specialties offered by the chef Giovanni...


The menus

Principal menu

The genuineness and freshness of our products are the strength of our menu; the attention should be also paid to our wild game menu (only in winter).


Special menus

View our special menus that we offer on the occasion of holidays or special occasions. Also they are all the expression of Roman cuisine and not just.


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