The history

Trattoria Lo Spuntino is a small family-run restaurant in the historic centre of Castel Gandolfo, just a little below the central square...


The specialities

Coratella and trippa are our strong dishes, genuine flavours as at one time; but there are also special dishes such as pasta dishes with game sauce or with porcino mushrooms...


Photo gallery

Look at our Photo Gallery: our "virtual tour" will guide you discovering of "Lo Spuntino" and specialties offered by the chef Giovanni...


Principal menu


Antipasto ricco dello Spuntino
Ham and melone
Vegetable appetizer
Mixed appetizer
Mixed cheeses
Porchetta al piatto
Mozzarella di bufala
Caprese con bufala
Ham and bufala

First courses

First courses of the day
Fettuccine with porcino mushrooms*
Fettuccine with black Truffle

Main courses

Pollo alla cacciatora
Coniglio alla cacciatora
Pork chop
Roast sausage (pz. 2)
Grilled Lamb
Grill of mixed meat
Scamorza cheese with ham
Beef steak
Veal fillet
Porcino mushrooms roasted*
Straccetti rucola and parmiggiano
Straccetti with porcino mushrooms*

Side dishes

Cooked vegetable
Mixed or green salad
Beans with onion
Grated eggplants
Roasted peppers
Marinated zucchini
Salad of tomatoes


Seasonal fruits
Strawberries (in proper season)
Ciambelline al vino
Manufactured handicraft ice cream
White or black Truffle
Panna cotta (mixed berries/chocolate/with caramel)

Wine list

Gotto d'Oro Castelli Romani frizz. DOC 0,75 lt.
Fontana dei Mori Frascati DOC 0,75 lt.
Gotto d'Oro Marino DOC 0,75 lt.
Gotto d'Oro Malvasia IGT 0,75 lt.
Pesoli Fontana Parata frizz. DOC 0,75 lt.
Pesoli Malvasia IGT 0,75 lt.
Pesoli Falanghina IGT 0,75 lt.
Frascati Biologico Villa Aldobrandini
Frascati People Poggio Le Volpi
Local white wine 0,75 lt.
Vino Romanella Bianco frizz. dolce 0,75 lt.
Fontana dei Mori Castelli Romani 0,75 lt.
Gotto d'Oro Merlot IGT 0,75 lt.
Gotto d'Oro Merlot frizz. IGT 0,75 lt.
Casale del Giglio Merlot IGT 0,75 lt.
Casale del Giglio Shiraz IGT 0,75 lt.
Zaccagnini Montepulciano DOC 0,75 lt.
Montepulciano DOC 0,75 lt.
Syrah Pesoli
Local red wine 0,75 lt.
Vino Romanella Rosso frizz. dolce 0,75 lt.

Game menu

Only in winter


Ham of wild boar
Ham of deer

First courses

Pappardelle with of hare sauce
Pappardelle with wild boar sauce
Polenta with hare sauce
Polenta with wild boar sauce
Polenta with sausages
Polenta with spuntature
Mixed polenta with sausages and spuntature

Main courses

Cinghiale alla cacciatora
Fagiano al vino bianco
Cervo alla contadina

*Frozen if out of season.

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