The history

Trattoria Lo Spuntino is a small family-run restaurant in the historic centre of Castel Gandolfo, just a little below the central square...


The menus

There is an embarrassment of choice: from appetizers to pasta, from soups to main courses: look at our menus in the dedicated section...


Photo gallery

Look at our Photo Gallery: our "virtual tour" will guide you discovering of "Lo Spuntino" and specialties offered by the chef Giovanni...


The specialities: main courses

Straccetti di manzo

Made with extra virgin Olive Oil, parmigiano Reggiano and Arugula simply stir-fried.

Cervo alla contadina

Made with tomato, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and olives of Gaeta.

Trippa alla Romana

Made with fresh sauce and pecorino romano and Roman Mint, a Roman delicacy.

Pollo alla cacciatora

Typical Roman dish, is made with a little vinegar and white wine and Rosemary and extra virgin Olive Oil.

Roasted mushrooms

Made in a pan with the excellent extra virgin olive oil, salt and a little bit of garlic and fresh parsley.

Coratella d’Agnello

One of the many Roman specialties, you can prepare with onion and a bit of hot pepper or you cook with artichokes, is one of our popular dishes from our clients, must try for lovers of traditional Roman cuisine.
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