The history

Trattoria Lo Spuntino is a small family-run restaurant in the historic centre of Castel Gandolfo, just a little below the central square...


The menus

There is an embarrassment of choice: from appetizers to pasta, from soups to main courses: look at our menus in the dedicated section...


Photo gallery

Look at our Photo Gallery: our "virtual tour" will guide you discovering of "Lo Spuntino" and specialties offered by the chef Giovanni...


The specialities: appetizers, side dishes and desserts


Ham and Buffalo mozzarella

A fresh dish on which it is resting a Buffalo mozzarella, by surrounding her with ham.
Porchetta di Ariccia al piatto

The Porchetta di Ariccia was founded by a careful selection of meats and ended with a careful workmanship before cooking.
Vegetable appetizer

Our Appetizer of vegetables, all prepared by us, is composed of grilled vegetables, such as peppers and eggplants, then there are the vegetables like chicory and broccoli, and Coral Beans and finally there are zucchinis and Carrots marinated.

Side dishes

Cicoria ripassata

Made according to the classical tradition: after having browned garlic and chilies adds the already boiled chicory and well drained.
Roasted Peppers

After they have been grilled, cut into strips and seasoned with cloves of garlic cut in half, salt, a little Pepper's and a drizzle of olive oil.
Marinated Zucchini

Made in a pan with a little garlic, extra virgin olive oil.


Fresh Ricotta cake and chocolate

Made with chocolate chips inside, liquid chocolate and cocoa powder on the outside.
Panna cotta al cioccolato

Made with the finest ingredients such as fresh milk and fresh cream with chocolate and cocoa powder and vanilla icing sugar.
Rocher cake

Taken from famous chocolate is made with soft chocolate sponge that is stuffed with nutella inside and outside and with a hazelnut grains, absolutely recommended in winter and the sweet tooth.

The Babà

The Babà or better as they say in Naples, the "Babarini" made by the original Neapolitan recipe are a great thought to try.
La delizia al Limone

Commonly known as "Zizza" is a typical dessert of the Amalfi coast is done with sponge cake, lemon cream inside, while outside is covered with lemon Mousse, goes well with the excellent Limoncello.
Le Ciambelline al Vino

Typical of the Castelli Romani cannot fail in our small restaurant, available in several flavors, such as from classic White wine until those with peach, are accompanied well with the sweet red wine or Vin Santo.

Strawberries of Nemi

The beautiful Strawberries of Nemi available in right season, are to try absolutely with the cream, a true goodness.
Variegated Strawberry Ice cream

Available in proper season, is one of several ice cream that you can find in our small restaurant.
Cream pie and berries

Summer sweet and refreshing, it's an excellent dessert especially if accompanied by a good Blueberry liqueur.
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